Access Your Baseball Pitching 'Zone' with Visualization

The level of belief in your mind as you are about to pitch to one of the best  batters makes a massive difference to your outcome. 

It is not only your pitching skills against their batting skills, but your mind and body against theirs, as well - and as your mind controls your body (and your skills &  movement), it is the most powerful place to look for quick, major improvement.

Believing You Are A Pitcher Who Can Strike Out Any Batter In Any Game.. Is The First Step To Truly Becoming One.

There is no doubt that belief is pure gold, and transforms performance on the field - and so it actually becomes a mind game between you and the batter - and the one with the most belief, wins.  So it's absolutely crucial that you believe in your pitching, more than they believe in their batting.

OK, so we know how important belief, and that it can transform our pitching performances in the big games when it counts most - but the question most players want to know is... how the heck do we GET belief, in baseball?  

The slow way is takes years of patience, practice and experience - but the fast track is by using mental training, in conjunction with your on-field practices.  

Training your mind involves a lot of different aspects, but luckily they can be done quickly and easily, from home or wherever you happen to be - so on the field, there is nothing you have to do any differently (except celebrating getting the batters out).

Apart from much-improved pitching performances, there are other unmistakable benefits of programming your mind for success -  and your opponents see it very clearly, as it often intimidates them - ie. the aura of success. 

This means your walk, talk, movement and body language - which all reflect your complete and total belief in yourself and your pitching.

One of the most effective methods of mental training is visualization, which can achieve major feats in an extremely short time.

Believe it or not, simply by regularly imagining yourself delivering sizzling fastballs, splitters, curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs or change-ups - again and again - it can create massive improvement to your pitching when you are out on the field during a game.   

When used correctly, this method works consistently effectively in all areas of baseball, because visualization (as it is called - and used around the world in most elite levels of sport) uses these images to re-program the area of the subconscious that controls your body's movement, plus it stores these images within your vast memory bank, where it also accesses your many years of pitching practice, and competition experience.

When you are out there on the pitcher's mound, these new 'programs' within your subconscious fire up the brain's neural pathways, which command your body to deliver your highest levels of performance.

While the weaker conscious mind can only take in a small amount of information at any one time - your all-powerful subconscious knows the exact pitch you should use, and to the exact position required - to strike out every single batter you face. 

The key is to allow your subconscious to do the job - instead of allowing the weaker conscious mind to take over as it usually does.

Results are the only true way of measuring success, and this is where mental training truly excels - in performance improvement (though players whose performance suddenly improves after using visualization will often look for any other possible reason why their performance has suddenly surged!).

So consider exploring your mind further - its one of the few remaining areas where you can truly get the jump on your opponents.


"The Mind controls the Body, and the Mind is Unlimited"
Craig Townsend


Mind Training for Pitching - mp3 Download

There are many aspects required to be able to visualize at the optimum level, and master the mental preparation - and so to simplify mental training for players (and save them a lot of time), we created a specialized pitching hypnosis / visualization. 

This recording automates visualization until it becomes instinctive, and takes all the guesswork out of mental training - guiding the pitcher through the entire process, easily and effortlessly - and also includes powerful hypnotic suggestions customized perfectly for pitchers. 

Available for $29.95, we also added a complementary Sleep Subliminal recording (valued at $25), as an optional extra for players to drift to sleep to the relaxation sounds, while unconsciously doing mental training at the same time.  All you actually 'hear' is the relaxation music, while at the deeper level, your subconscious mind aborbs the powerful hypnotic suggestions playing subliminally on the track underneath (nb. the exact same suggestions used on the daytime recording). 

As with all our pre-recorded products, it comes with an unconditional 12 Month Moneyback Guarantee, so you have plenty of time to try it out (but you wont need long before you notice the results).

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"I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it"
Sandy Koufax

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up"
Babe Ruth