Customized Hypnosis / Visualization Recordings - for Players, Teams or Coaches


Sometimes a faster, more targeted method is required, to improve performance on the field.

Baseball Improvement In Any Area of On-Field Performance - Batting, Pitching, Fielding, Confidence, Belief, Speed, Power.. Can Be Improved Quickly With Custom Hypnosis.

No matter what you need to improve - or what barriers you need to overcome, or technical skills you need to master, new habits you need to automatically ingrain, or greater belief and confidence you need to instill - a personalized, custom hypnosis recording is most effective, created personally for your exact circumstances.

We regularly create recordings for baseball players, teams and coaches, and create personalized hypnotic suggestions and a guided visualization targeted with laser precision towards the exact aspects you need to improve, or focus upon.

These recordings are created purely for you - so they vary from player to player, team to team, and coach to coach - depending upon what you need.  

You are the one who sets the menu for these recordings, as we can address any areas of your baseball you require - we can target it directly onto specific areas, or for general overall improvement over a wider scope of your game / performance.

You are a very important part of the creation process as well - as you edit and personalize the various drafts of the 'script' we email you, before we work on them further.   Once we refine the script into one that will help you achieve your goals, we check you are satsified and ready to give us the 'all-clear' to go ahead and record the script into mp3 format (which work on smartphones, computers, tablets, iPods, etc). 

When your recording is ready (and we create 2 free additional recordings for you as well, more on these below), we email you the download instructions and relevant information - so you can get started immediately on your improvement.

Custom baseball hypnosis recordings include:

* all writing, editing, recording, sound processing and uploading of your recording (for you to download - or receive on CD by mail, if you prefer) - and all this is available for just $149.95...

PLUS - Your Bonus Extras!

Your customized recording now includes 2 additional (personalized) recordings
- using your own (same) hypnotic suggestions that we create for your main hypnosis recording.  Thes include:

* a Bedtime version of your main recording (value $25) - which you can go to sleep to at the finish.

* a Motivational recording (value $25)
- which you can use safely in the car, or before performance


* a Sleep 'Subliminal' Hypnosis (value $25)
- which you can drfit to sleep to (as all you hear is relaxation music, while your subconscious absorbs your own hypnotic suggestions which are playing subliminally beneath the music).

So... simply click the button below to get your baseball success rolling!   After purchase, you will be asked to email details of what you wish to acheive from the recording, etc - so we can get started on the 1st Draft of your script.  This should be in your Inbox within two days - for you to look over, edit, personalize etc - and we take it from there!



"The Mind controls the Body, and the Mind is Unlimited"
Craig Townsend




A mental training hypnosis and visualization mp3 download and CD for league baseball players and coaches, all levels including college university and varsity teams, increase batting skills for batters, pitching skills for pitchers and throwers, overcome nerves, increase belief, relaxation, baseball psychology mind skills

Baseball Hypnosis

Personal Custom Hypnosis Recording


includes all script writing, editing, recording, sound processing & uploading of your personalized recording.

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"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up"
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