Turbo-Charge Your Baseball with Hypnosis & Visualization

These days every player and team is strong, fit, fast, sharp and talented - so what separates them?   Their mental strength under pressure.  Most players / teams perform strongly in practice, but bringing out your best when it matters most is a rare quality that requires a powerful or mentally-trained mind. 

At the advanced level, the quickest way to further improve any baseball skills is done off the field - in your mind.

This is because your subconscious mind is a super-computer, which controls all movement - plus contains your entire memory bank of baseball experience - every ball you have ever hit, pitched, thrown, caught.. it all lies in your subconscious mind.  It is also aware at all times of the position of every single player on the field.

Most players do it the hard way - they wait until they are great batters, pitchers or fielders before they begin to believe they are. The trick is the instill the belief first - and the rest arrives much faster.

Most importantly, your subconscious knows the answers and the correct stategies to all the challenges you face out on the field.  When your subconscious runs your performance without interruption, we call that mental state 'The Zone'.

The Zone is your absolute 'peak performance' mental state - where all your greatest skills, strategies and movements on the field flow brilliantly and effortlessly, directly from your subconscious mind. During this time, your performance runs without any interruption from the conscious mind, which is the weaker mind that usually creates performance problems due to negative thoughts and doubts.

As the subconscious acts very much like a computer - a powerful way to program it is with visualization and positive hypnotic suggestion - which is like going to your body's control center.

Visualization is vividly imagining yourself performing at your peak levels on the field - and doing this so realistically that it almost feels like you really are out there, playing - rather than closing your eyes and imagining it.

Doing this regularly creates new neural pathways within the brain, and helps to program these images into your powerful subconscious, for future use out on the field.

Hypnotic suggestion is simply speaking directly to the subconscious, and programming it with positive commands - to ensure it makes positive responses at the various times you need it, especially in pressure situations. 

Compared to other methods, mental training allows you to make enormously powerful improvements in a much faster time than is possible from physical practice alone - and so when you use both mental training and physical practice, the results can often be quite massive.

The great thing about it is you can focus it on whatever areas of your game that you need to improve, plus use it to overcome nerves, intimidation, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, technical difficulties, problems learning new moves, and much more.

And even better, it can be a secret weapon that powers your game from the inside out - and no-one even know you are using it, or where your massive improvements are coming from!

So it's time to explore the power of visualization, and just how much it can do for your game - there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.    You have done the physical training, now its time to do the mental training. 

The champions of most sports all around the globe cannot all be wrong.. the methods work. Go forth and conquer!

"The Mind controls the Body, and the Mind is Unlimited"
Craig Townsend



Mind Training for Baseball - mp3 Download

Due to regular requests for an all-in-one mental training tool for baseball, I eventually created Mind Training for Baseball as an mp3 download (or CD), which has been enormsouly popular over the years. 

To blend the perfect 'inner practice' with your regular training on the field, this powerful hypnosis recording guides the player (or the team) through a short effective relaxation, to the optimum level for mental training - then recites a range of positive hypnotic suggestions for massive baseball improvement, then guides them through a powerful baseball visualization, before exiting the exercise.

The recording is used by players of all standards and ages, and coaches for their teams, - though it is used mainly as mental preparation in the lead-up to game day, and not used within three hours before the game.

Available for $29.95, we have also added a complementary Sleep Subliminal recording (valued at $25), as an optional 'reinforcement' for players to use when going to sleep - all you hear is relaxation music, while your subconscious mind feasts on the powerful hypnotic suggestions playing subliminally beneath (nb. the exact same suggestions used on the daytime recording).  This sets your subconscious to work on your baseball right through the night.

As with all our pre-recorded products, this proven product comes with an unconditional 12 Month Moneyback Guarantee, so you have plenty of time to try it out (but you wont need long before you notice the results).

Begin your mental training now and get your mp3 download here.






A mental training hypnosis and visualization mp3 download and CD for league baseball players and coaches, all levels including college university and varsity teams, increase batting skills for batters, pitching skills for pitchers and throwers, overcome nerves, increase belief, relaxation, baseball psychology mind skills

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"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way"
Babe Ruth

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up"
Babe Ruth